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Monday, October 15, 2007

How it all began:

hmmm... "blogging." Never done it before. But, it'll help everyone keep tabs on the fabulous lives of Liv and Kev Taylor... and Maddie. She is our dog, and yes, she is that important. I do actually call my mom to tell her about the hilarious things Maddie does every week.

Kev is that "Hot Guy from the Radio". How did I know he was hot if he was on the radio? Good question. I was a freshman at WSU in 2002 and he was a perma-student at the time. Kev was always at random activities on campus, and it was his appearances for the radio station that earned him the nickname. Eventually I realized he was dating some girl who lived in the same dorm as me. So I saw him walking her into and out of the building, and even walking her to and from the class she and I shared. In my sophomore year I entered a talent show (in which, I am mortified to admit, I didn't even place amongst the top three) and Kev was the host. While I may have not made a lasting impression on any of the judges, Kev sure made an impression on me. I never talked to him though. Typical.

After that I have no recollection of significant encounters with the "Hot Guy from the Radio." It wasn't until the summer of 2005 that we officially met. I only knew him from his DJ name, but when he got out of my friend Alex's car at a trail-head in Ogden, I recognized him immediately. Hot Radio Guy lived in the same house as my friend Alex. The very same house owned by my friend Jon, who I had met way back in 2002. Small world. We hiked up Waterfall Canyon in our little group and had a glorious time. It wasn't until we got to the top that I had to guts to ask Hot Guy from the Radio (whose real name I had finally learned) if he had ever worked on campus. He looked at me like a complete weirdo before saying he had worked at the radio and other odd jobs for a while.

The other things I learned about Hot Radio Guy included him being from Nebraska (I still get in trouble for all the corn jokes I make) and that he had been in Ogden for quite a few years, and that he had only recently moved into a room in Jon's basement. I had known about a new guy in Jon's house at the beginning of the summer but he was in Vail, CO the day I used his empty bedroom to change into my swimsuit for a hot tub night with Alex and friends.

It wasn't until about two weeks later that Kev (formerly known as the Hot Guy from the Radio) and I started spending time together more regularly. And *gasp* we even did more than just "hang out." Group dates are better than no dates!! Shortly after my Waterfall Canyon encounter with Kev I even wrote some goals down in my journal, one of which was to become better "friends" with Kev because he seemed like such a decent guy.

Thankfully, we were able to be straight up with each other and one night in July of 2005 we sat on swings in a park and talked about dating. YES!! We talked face-to-face about wanting to date each other. No games. No guessing. No going through friends. And that night I got my first kiss with Kev. Wahoo!! From then on, we were dating. And we dated for 6 months before getting engaged in December of 2005.

Because of my scholarship through the Housing department with WSU, I had to stay a single, traditional student if I wanted to continue receiving funds. So Kev and I had to wait until the summer of 2006 to get hitched. Longest 6 months of my entire freakin life. I was working three jobs and going to school full-time and trying to convince everyone to leave me alone and let me plan my own wedding. (Note to world: NO I did not have a wedding dress; NO I did not have any luncheons/dinners/brunches; NO I did not have bridals or bridesmaids or groomsmen; NO I did not have wedding colors or a photographer; if it hadn't been for Kev, we would've eloped.)

Alas, we all survived the 6 month engagement. Phew. Kev and I got hitched on June 21, 2006, exactly one year from the day we met at the trail-head of Waterfall Canyon. Magical. We zipped to San Francisco for a quick Honeymoon and then were back at work and real life.

Thankfully, the only addition to our family since the nuptuals is Maddie. No, she is not a human baby. But she is definitely our little girl. We adopted Maddie this June and she is the greatest dog in the entire world. We're not sure what kind of dog she is, but that's part of the fun. For the record, Kev and I will seriously consider having "real" babies when we have health insurance, full-time jobs and a place to live that has heat, hot water and an absence of college students standing outside the bedroom window smoking.

Stay tuned for more up-to-date postings. This just serves as a refresher for those who didn't know/may not even care how Kev and Liv came to be.

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