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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Enviro Gods are Happy

Well... walking to work this morning was not an option. The fire alarm for the entire building sounded at 7:45am. Because Kev and I had both been "snoozing" for half an hour, neither one of us was up yet. Oops.

But we scrambled to put on some warm clothes, grab keys/phones and the dog and head out. On the lawn, we saw our fellow residents and students milling about and then I had the bright idea to call campus police and let them know our building didn't appear to be on fire. Phew. Thankfully, Fire/Police determined there was a malfunctioning radiator and once our Maintenance crew takes a look at it, it might stop smoking.

So, because of our morning adventures, I was way behind. But it's ok!! I carpooled!! Kev went into work late too so he dropped me off at the office on his way downtown. Yea!!

And this gets even better. The business manager is concerned about the cost for the utilities in the apartments we manage... the residents pay a flat rate for utilities, so they don't care how much or little they use. But we do. Some apartments are using $100 worth of electricity per month. That's insane. So I got the fun task of looking up energy-saving tips and preparing some info to distribute to each apartment. Fan-freakin-tastic. I am thrilled, and I also learned some new stuff. It seems so obvious, but let me just share some of what I found on this site:

-Open the blinds on sunny days to pull in natural heat, then close the blinds when the sun goes down to hold the heat in.

-Use power-surge strips for TVs, VCRs, game consoles and the like. When they're on "stand-by" they're still sucking energy out of the socket. Turn off the surge strip when the electronics aren't in use and watch the savings add up. Same goes for printers and computers. Turn off the printer (esp. laser printers) when you're not using it and save save save.

-Don't over-fill the fridge or freezer, and be sure to use the factory recommended settings to get the most out of whatever model you have.

-Use compact florescent bulbs (the twirly kind) in lamps. BUT don't use in bathrooms because the moisture can get to them.

These are just a few tips, but you can find so much more to help you save money and conserve resources. I always make fun of "green" people, calling them hippy tree huggers and such, but I really do like them. I really do want to be one.

And that is why I will walk home from work today. Where are my birkenstocks?

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