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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Good Times

One time, I was walking the dog when Seth called me. He was heading up to O-town for a night at the fair. He invited me to come, so I dropped the pooch off at the apt and met my bro at a gas station off 12th street.

We proceeded to the fair. And I watched a CAGE FIGHT!! Kev was so jealous that he missed it. But I thoroughly enjoyed the night out with Seth.

Oh, and GO JORGE!! Even though Jorge lost, he was still my fav. The crowd constantly chanted his name.

I was cleaning my desk and surrounding areas when I stumbled across this ticket and decided it was note-worthy. The summer of '07 will live on forever in a hodge-podge of ticket stubs, photos, scars and of course, the list I made detailing all the fun things I wanted to do that is now littered with check marks.

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