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Monday, October 22, 2007

I Know, Post Number 2

So, a woman in New York spent over $27,000 (yes THOUSAND) on flowers for her wedding. And *gasp* the colors were all wrong when they arrived on site. The horror. Really, $27,000 worth of absolute horror. Instead of dark green and rust, the florist showed up with regular old pink and light green. SHAME.
Now, New York Woman is suing, yes suing the florist for $400,000. Bride-zilla claims it is sufficient restitution for the horrors she went through with pink and green flowers.

Ok, I can't imagine that Kev and I spent even $3,000 on the wedding and honeymoon combined. And some of those expenses were forced on me by so-called tradition. We had to have a reception because I would be a complete weirdo if I didn't allow friends, family and strangers to congratulate me and Kev on our very oh-so-special day. So, I had to buy fruit and cookies and whatever to feed the aforementioned friends, family and strangers. And I had to rent a space and rent electricity for a cake fountain and twinkle lights. Just the bare minimum to get by so no one would think Kev had married a girl completely off her rocker.

Back to my point. Even including the 5-day honeymoon to San Fran that Kev paid for, we didn't spend a lot of money. I cannot even begin to fathom why $27,000 was spent on flowers. Currently, $27,000 is close to the amount I owe for student loans. Student loans that span 2 or 3 years and covered my out-of-state tuition and my housing costs for that time period. THAT IS FREAKIN RIDICULOUS. I should've met this woman years ago and instead of paying $27,000 for her wedding flowers, she could've put me through school and saved my mom the headache of co-signing on my loans. Good grief. $27,000 for flowers. For that price, they shouldn't have been pink or green or rusty... they should have been made of GOLD.

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