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Monday, October 22, 2007

In Case You Were Wondering...

I don't hate the Post Office so much anymore. The nice lady (who I admit I have always liked) was SO helpful. Tape? Here ya go. Flat-rate envelope for next time? Here ya go. Pen? Sticky note? Sure thing. Let's get this package mailed off to Mexico in a jiffy.

I also learned today that it is not a good idea to: give Maddie a bath, wrap her up in towels, brush her, dry her off some more, and then.... let her climb into my bed. Ewww. WHAT was I thinking?! I just put those sheets on the bed Friday night. Now we will be changing them again. It's all Kev's fault for sleeping in and being so cuddly and insisting the dog needed to be in the bed with him so he could warm up her little ears. But, I guess we really couldn't let her freeze. We have no heat whatsoever in our apartment. Never have, never will. It is insanely cold in the winter. We are remembering that now as the temperature dips lower and lower each day/night.

At least Maddie doesn't smell like fish anymore.

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