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Friday, October 19, 2007


"oh wow hey is that kev walking across the kitchen? yes it is and he isn't stopping at the fridge he must be coming to get me oh great do i get to leave my bed? i could go outside or eat my bone some more or just jump around wahoooo door's open!! bounce around, i'm sure he likes that oh what, my leash? yeah try to clip it on and i'll jump and it'll be a fun game yeah it's fun see you can't catch me-"
"maddie sit"
"oh yeah i can do that see look man my tail won't stop moving though is that ok are we going outside now?"
"maddie outside!"
"yeah, great i'm going here look i'll try to get the door for you, man really staying in that kennel all night is really lame you guys could let me sleep with you and i promise i'll be good i mean really i like it there and you like me so it works right oh man the door! i can see outside wow birds really i love birds they're fast i'm fast too how long is this leash wow way long look kev is so far behind me hahaha i love this whoa cold outside but it's cool i mean look grass i should pee man wow that feels good- hey wait who are you *bark bark bark* oh it's ok go inside i don't mind just stay away from my apartment wow more grass!! i gotta go man being inside that kennel sucks, even though i can hide my toy under my pillow- oh wait where'd i leave my toy i bet kev took it right before we went outside he's so tricky hey birds!! *run run run* ouch oh man i forgot i was on this leash hey man let's go inside now i'm done and my feet are wet and those birds are lame, man sleeping is lame i'm so glad to be out of that kennel-"
"maddie, inside let's get a treat, good girl!"
"oh sweet, yeah i'm great i'm good i did my 'potty' thing why do they have to call it that, oh look more people *bark bar-* oh wait i know you never mind it's chill go right on in and i'm gonna sniff your pants like crazy because they smell so good hey it's my door! there are treats behind there oh man oh man i'm so psyched sleeping is so lame i'm so glad kev got me up and now i get a treat oh wait, what's this? why you gotta wipe my feet off it's so lame you're not wiping your feet this is not fair i'm gonna eat that towel it shouldn't touch my feet i'm great-"
"maddie, come get your treat!"
"yes! treat treat treat treat treat-"
"maddie, lay DOWN."
"oh yeah i can do that but i really hate to let's try something else i'll sit for you look i really am give. me. that. treat! why not? gimme gimme ok FINE i'll lay DOWN see look, flat on the ground you meanie y'know dogs don't like to be weak just yummmmmm that is so worth it i'll lay down again if you give me another see look i'm laying down just gimme oh wait liv's still in bed man i've gotta go see ya kev thanks a million BED!! you're so big and comfy and look she's sleeping i'm gonna jump on her head man that's the best they really love it they make lots of noise when you jump on them-
"score!! got her head she loved that she said my name and some other stuff but who cares i love jumping and this big bed man i'm tired why did kev have to wake me up so early i just want to sleep covers look good, hey lift those up a bit lemme in there oh warm warm warm cozy goodness move over liv this is my spot yeah, feels comfy this is so great sleeping is the best-"

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