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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Nanny Diaries

12:00am *whine* *whine* *whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnne*
I wondered if Samson would ever go to sleep. He'd been running around for two hours with Maddie and they were having a blast. I thought for sure they'd both be tuckered out and sleeping by now. Poor Maddie has to listen to that racket too.

12:10am *phhhhhrrrrrr*
Kev got up and turned on the AC unit in the window. "Maybe now we won't hear him over the AC," Kev offered. Yeah, but we might freeze to death with it on. Oh well, at least we'll sleep through most of the whining. I just hate to hear the little guy crying. He's so tiny. He doesn't know any better.

5:45am *WHINE*
"Well, he probably has to pee," I said to Kev over the hum of the AC.
I kicked the covers off and slipped into my flip flops. The whining continued. I walked out into the kitchen, blinking against the night light over the counter.
"I'm coming guys, hold on." Even Maddie started whining when she heard my voice. I opened the cages to the kennels and the dogs bolted like race horses.
"Hey, hold on, let's go NO peeing inside!!" I managed to herd the two of them to the door and we zipped out into the lobby of the building.
"Come on guys, let's go outside!! Yeah, fun!! Let's go outside at 6am and stand around on wet grass!!" Both dogs bolted out the door to the grass across the patio. I was grateful the custodians were elsewhere in the building so the dogs wouldn't chase them. And thankfully it was too early for students to be arriving for class. Despite the distraction that is each other, Maddie and Samson were able to finish their business and follow me back inside. As is protocol, Maddie made a beeline for the bed with Kev still warm in it. Samson sat longingly at the foot of the bed, apparently unable to make the leap up.
"Hey buddy, let's get some sleep, come on up." I scooped Samson up and brought him in bed with me. He had other plans and sniffed out Maddie under the covers. She growled to ward him off, but the little bugger just wouldn't quit.
"Samson, come." Kev wrapped both his arms around Samson in an attempt to calm him down.

"Maybe if I take him onto the couch he'll cuddle with me and let you guys sleep."
I dragged the pup out of the bed and tried to wrestle him down on the couch with me. Nothing doing. So I gave up on sleep and started fixing his breakfast. When Maddie heard the baggies and cans being opened she came running from the bedroom. I scooted her back into the bed and shut her in and Samson out. I mixed his food up and he started wolfing it down as soon as the bowl hit the floor. Halfway through he lost steam and started staring at me.
"What?" More staring. "Well I'm gonna eat now you little monster. Finish your breakfast or something." I put my toaster strudel in the toaster and watched Samson, hoping to catch him if he decided to pee again on the carpet. I was in luck and he just started sucking on a tennis ball. I made it through my whole breakfast and made my sandwich for lunch before Samson lost interest in Maddie's toys. I took him out again and emptied him before retreating to the couch with a blanket. Apparently Sam was ready to get back to sleep, and it was just after 7am. I had at least half an hour before I had to get up and really get ready for work.

7:10am *creeeeeeeeeeeak*
Every time one of the doors to our building was opened, Samson popped his head back up. When he was satisfied that no one was coming or going in the actual apartment, he slammed his little head back down under my chin and resumed snoring softly. He's actually pretty cute, and when he sleeps he smells like a puppy. I managed to roll over at one point and he cuddled into my torso while I snoozed for a few minutes.

7:40am *jingle jingle jingle*
"They must immediately go O-U-T!!" I spelled before even openeing my eyes and officially coming back to consciousness. Thankfully Kev had thrown on some clothes and was all ready to take them out with me. Before I could get up he had them both out the door and into the yard.

The changing of the guard. Kev out of the shower, me in. Only two puddles on the carpet.

One last potty run before Kev escapes to work for the day. Success.

Maddie into kennel. Samson into kennel. Livia to the basement to put Samson's now pee-free bedding into the dryer.

Almost to work on time. Man, I can still hear Samson whining even out here in the lobby.

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  1. i want a dog. i always say i want to grow up so i can get a house and a dog. im a little jealous. and yes you can look at my blog all you want haha. it doesnt bother me. :]


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