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Sunday, October 28, 2007

An Inconvenient Blog

Ok people, time for something serious. Kev just had me watch the Al Gore movie "An Inconvenient Truth." I am now walking to work tomorrow. (I meant to last Monday but I slept through my alarm and had no hot water so it didn't work out). But this Monday it's on. I know I'm only one person, so my positive contributions to the earth may not go far for long, but still... I feel like I have to make a difference. My walk to work is only about 15 minutes, but I usually drive because 1) I'm usually running late and 2) they make me go back and forth between the two properties quite often, and walking/taking the bus to do that is such a pain.

Tomorrow will be different! I will walk! And I will enjoy it because (haha thanks to global warming) it's unseasonably warm out there. I only have a couple of meetings in the A.M. and then I have a break til 2. Yeah, I'll have to walk to work twice in one day, but think about the positive repercussions for me as well as the environment. Plus, Kev will be so proud of me. He is so green. I like that about him. We're already planning to get those twirly light bulbs that save "X"% energy. When we get a house we're going to have a garden and eat some home-grown veggies (we'd do that now with window boxes if we had any windows that opened...). I'm pretty sure that someday we'll have solar panels on our house and stuff made of bamboo because it is such an easily renewable resource.

I think one of Kev's ultimate goals is to get me out of my SUV and into a car more like his Tercel. Yes, I drive a beast that gets approximately 17 mpg. Very bad, especially compared to Kev's 38. Sorry guys. But I will walk to work! And when the weather gets colder, I'll take the shuttle! It's free, and I do so enjoy being crammed up against 6 other damp, cold students wearing damp, cold backpacks with little bits of snow piled up on them. It's so cozy. I used to take UTA all the time, for four years actually. I used to get so much done too- I could read, do my homework, sleeeeep, or just watch all the um, interesting people who use public transit. Now I'm spoiled and feel I must climb all alone into my SUV that seats 5 plus cargo and drive myself 3 minutes down the road to work. Not smart. But I will change! Tomorrow I will walk! And if I can get up early enough on Tuesday and Thursday, I'll walk then too!

If you haven't seen "An Inconvenient Truth," watch it. There's also a CNN show called "Anderson Cooper 360 (degrees)" that's been doing a special entitled "Planet in Peril" that reiterates a lot of the content from "AIT," only updated a couple of years. It's crazy to see some of Gore's predictions coming to fruition just two years after his movie was made (for which I'm pretty sure he won an Academy Award or something un-lame like that). I cannot believe what we are doing to our earth. I know that Kev's PILES of recycling sometimes get to me as they spill across the entire kitchen floor, but at least he's trying to do something unselfish. He's setting an example that we all need to follow- reduce, reuse, recycle. I used to hear that all the time in elementary school. It mattered then and I think it matters even more now. Do what you can to give back in a good way.

Why does this matter? Hmm... pollution causes respiratory problems. Excessive waste pollutes our land and water. Pollution increases the density of the atmosphere, which increases temperatures. Increased temperatures melt ice. Excessive ice melt raises sea levels. That floods coastal land which in turn means people lose their homes. It's all explained (and so well) in "AIT" and "Planet in Peril." Check it out. Make a difference.

Ok, I'm off my soap box now.

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