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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


txt: "thanks for the yum sandwich. i took your internet to work because the computer is gone"

Ok now let's send this to Kev. Let's just dial his number.

*sending message*

Oh wait, that's not Kev's number. Hmmm. Oh well. Resend to Kev.

*a few minutes later phone vibrates*
txt reads: "who is this?"

Oops. Wrong number texted me back. Well, I'll just set this straight.
txt: "sorry i meant to send that to my husband but i dialed one digit wrong!"

*phone vibrates again*
txt reads: "oh right on. you sounded like a teenager."

Uh, ok.
txt: "just young at heart i guess"

*phone vibrates again*
txt reads: "that's creepy"

WHAT?! Who is this person? And why am I still texting him/her?

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