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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Pink Floyd Tribute

Kev, Jon and I made our second pilgrimage to the E-Center in order to attend a concert honoring Pink Floyd.

The entire band is from Austrailia.

Instead of a big pink pig, there is a big pink kangaroo. Possibly my favorite part.

My other favorite part is the GIANT disco ball that gets pulled up from the floor behind the band.

Oh, and I also enjoy the insane references to Austrailia throughout the whole show. Instead of the traditional, triangular prism logo there is an Austrailia-shaped prism. Instead of hammers with regular hammer heads, they sport kangaroos. And during a break between songs, the words "I come from the land down under" could be heard through the speakers. Fantastic.

I'm not a hard-core Floyd fan, but I thoroughly enjoy this concert. I also love watching Kev enjoy himself so much (because he is a hard-core fan). It's a great mellow concert because most Floyd fans come from a generation before us. They just get slightly tipsy and/or high and sit back in their chairs remembering the good ol' days of original Floyd. It makes for very entertaining crowd watching. That doesn't mean we didn't get to see kids younger than us rocking out in the aisles as well. Let's just hope they were sober.

Pink Floyd is great, and so is Austrailian Pink Floyd. There's nothing quite like watching two stage crew members pulling on an inflatable kangaroo in order to make it bounce around a stage on a friday night in West Valley City.

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

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