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Friday, October 26, 2007

so... yeah.

Ever had one of those days when everything makes you feel like crying? Today is one of those days.

Puppy-sitting is not the greatest job in the world, even though I absolutely adore the puppy in question. It is just a challenge to get used to a second doggy schedule, and try to make that schedule gel with the original one (i.e. making Maddie and Sam sleep/eat/pee/poop/play in sync is no walk in the park... and taking them both out on their leashes is another story altogether). Samson managed to pee inside no less than 3 times this morning. That's 3 times between letting him out at 7:30 and me going to work at 12, with at least 5 potty breaks inbetween. The new plan is to hydrate Samson sparingly. And put him in his kennel every time he pees. And I know when he pees inside because the second Maddie sees it, she makes a break for her own kennel and hops inside to safety... she knows the drill: Liv finds pee, Liv gasps, Liv points at peepee puddle and says "NO," Liv glares while retriving paper towels and pee cleaner, Liv glares some more at offender, Liv says "NO" a bunch of times... If that pup weren't so freakin cute he'd be at a puppy hotel by now. But you just can't be mad at that wrinkly little face.

I was at work all of 10 seconds when I had to retreat to the mail room to sort lame mail. I started to feel sorry for the post man who has to walk around neighborhoods and deliver mail without so much as a "thank you" to be heard. I mean, I know it's his job and that we often do our jobs without ever being thanked, but man, it sucks to do the mail.

Then I had to make a big sign to announce that Housing is offering dinner to residents on Sunday. No biggie except that then I had to answer the phone in the middle of it to discover there's a flood at one of the properties and I now need to search for a custodian to go over there and mop up water. Great. There are 11 floors in this building and I'm supposed to find a needle in a haystack on one of them. Found one eventually, but she's the ONLY one left and she's not done with her floors so she doesn't want to leave. *sigh* And when I get back into the office, one of the big administrators is like... where have you been? He's on the phone with our other office because a resident had a question regarding cable channels. Y'know what buddy? You're lucky you even have cable at no extra charge in your room. I'm sorry I don't have a channel guide. If you watch it so much, try memorizing your favorite channels and leave me alone.

Back to the flood issue...After telling my boss there's only one custodian left on the planet, he explains that nevertheless someone needs to come over and mop up the water floating around 3 different floors. *sigh* So I get out the door to the office on my way to find the custodian, but I'm stopped by a resident coming in. "Do I have a package today?" Gee, I dunno. Have you checked your mailbox? "I don't have my key and I don't want to go all the way upstairs to get it." Ok, fine, no biggie lemme check for you, here ya go have a great day I've gotta go. Finally, I find the poor little custodian again and she tells me she doesn't even have transportation to get over to the other property. So I close the office and walk half a mile to my stupid car that has no stupid gas and take the sweet little custodian over to her mopping doom.

Done and done.

Oh, but back to my big sign... the administrator that I mentioned earlier, the one who was actually concerned about cable channels? Well, he doesn't like my big sign. It covers a whole bulletin board (and it will only be there for the next 3 days so please just give me a break) and he doesn't like that. So he suggests I make a big, empty, laminated sign and just put it up semi-permanently on a wall and use dry-erase markers to put up the dinner info every Friday. Um, yeah that would work except the stupid laminator has been broken for a year. And the butcher paper won't fit through the feeder. And I don't have any dry-erase markers in this office. And I am in the middle of my lunch, which I must finish or I will die of starvation. *sigh* It is a fabulous suggestion, but I would rather make the office BUY a whiteboard than make a ghetto one myself with a broken laminator.

Finally, I am free from the "laminate your sign" lecture only to have the phone ring again. It's a co-worker who wants me to get his bag out of another office on this floor and put it in my office because he trusts me to watch it and keep it safe more than he trusts the people in the other office. Ok, I can do that. But of course, on my way to the bag in question, more people need help in my office. Hold on one sec please.

Upon returning to my office, there are two people waiting. It has only been 2 hours and I am ready to curl up under the desk and sleep. But, no biggie. Just get some more mail (and this time I got a sweet "thanks hon") and try to answer a question about a department I don't actually work for. Grrrreat.

All I keep thinking is how nice it would be if I could get home and find some flowers and dinner waiting for me on the table. But both Kev and I know that spending money on flowers is a waste because flowers die and I could look out the window at plants if I feel the need to commune with nature. If I want to look at something pretty I should just look at Kev. And if I want dinner, I should make that myself because Kev doesn't know how and it just wouldn't be good.

So... yeah.

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