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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Dinner

I love having dinner with my older brother Seth. We're 6 yrs apart, so growing up there was a lot of distance between us. But now that we're both "adults" we get to spend a lot of time together. What's even better is that now Seth has a doggy too. Lately, it seems that Seth, Kev and I manage to get together about once a month, whether at my place in Ogden or his in Sandy, for dinner. We just get to catch up and laugh and watch tons of cable or a movie that no one really pays attention to. It's pretty sweet.
Maddie and Samson are great friends. The whole time Kev and I were at Seth's, the dogs just played and played and played. We got to watch them climb over the gate that's supposed to keep them out of the kitchen. We got to watch them look so sad in Sam's kennel. We got to watch them share clothes... it's so great seeing those two crazy kids get along so well.

We'll be puppy-sitting Samson this weekend, and I'm pretty sure the dogs will wipe each other out. It's non-stop wrestling now that Sam knows how to keep his balance and use all four legs simultaneously. He's slowly growing out of the awkward puppy stage.

But back to me and my brother... I was so happy that when I first moved back to Utah, he was still around. I remember times he came up to Ogden to visit and he'd pick up a gallon of milk for me because yes, every college kid lives on milk and cereal for a while. He was always giving me rides and even arranged for me to live with him the summer after my freshman year. And he let me "borrow" his Pathfinder one summer and didn't kill me when I totalled it the day before his birthday. Phew.
I also remember being a kid and having him babysit me when the parentals went out. We'd just chill until we knew it was getting closer to the time they'd come home. At that point, we'd watch the driveway from the big bay window upstairs and when we saw lights coming, he'd tell me to hurry up and get into bed. We were soooo tricky.
When my younger brother Jeshua and I were attending the same elementary school, Seth would pick us up every now and then and do the classic "seatbelt test." For those of you who don't know, this involves driving along, minding your own business when *slam* brakes are hit wicked hard and everyone flies forward until the seatbelt catches. Fun.
When Jeshua got me grounded (almost every other weekend) as a kid, Seth was the one who would make sure I got dinner. I'd slip secret notes under his door telling him I was starving to death and I would plead for him to secretly tell my mom to bring me something so I wouldn't die. And Seth would brave the wrath that was our dad and somehow tell my mom of my dire predicament. My hero.
Seth was such a hero to me that when he went on his mission and quit drinking Mountain Dew (hahaha we all know how long that lasted) I didn't drink Dew the whole two years he was gone. Now that's adoration.

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