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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

At the Grocery Store...

Me: "Ok, we're done, let's get outta here."
Kev: "This is it? This is all you need?"
Kev surveys the cart with it's meager contents-- some vegetable oil, pumpkin puree, noodles, gravy, cookie dough, milk...
Me: "Yeah, I told you I was just doing some last-minute Thanksgiving shopping."
Kev: "So, 'last minute' to you is the day before the day that everyone else thinks it's last minute?"
Me: "Well, yeah. If I wait until the real last minute there'll be lots of people and it'd make me crazy. So I do my last minute shopping before everyone else. It just makes sense."

Why is it so weird to get things done early? I mean, yeah, my Christmas shopping is officially done. Is that so bad? Kev asked me last night if I want to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. "Isn't it supposed to be fun or something?" he asked. Ummm, no. I had to explain to Kev that it's called 'Black Friday' for a reason. I don't do that kind of shopping.

Did I mention that all my Christmas presents are wrapped, too?

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  1. This was my goal, to be done by now, but I am so far from being done. Wrapped and everything! You are my idol! :)


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