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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Awwww... DSW

I would not say that I am obsessed with shoes. I would say instead that I just really know how to appreciate them. There was that one time at Christmas when I went home to Maine and was walking down the street (I come from a tourist town similar to Park City... full of outlet stores and delicious places to eat) minding my own business when POW. I see Nine West (a fabulous shoe store for those of you who do not appreciate shoes). In the window there are these beautiful leather heels. Some green, some purple and some other color I don't remember. Well, I managed to walk by without drooling too much on the sidewalk. But on my way back down the street I accidentally went inside, up the stairs and found the shoes from the display. I didn't locate my size, but I accidentally asked the salesperson if they had any in the back. No. Sad. So I was on my way, no big deal. But then I kind of accidentally walked by Nine West again and pressed my face up against the glass and noticed that the display shoe was my size. Oh wow, what a coincidence. So again, I found myself up the stairs in the shop and I told the salesperson I'd like the purple shoe from the window. And now I own them. And yes, I wear them a TON. More than once a month, which is amazing considering how many days out of my life I'm wearing flip flops.

Today, I had another very special encounter with shoes. It all started when in the beginning of this year I found out that DSW exists in Utah. I used to frequent that store with my mom when I went to Maine (hence the black leather boots I now own, and the Rocket Dog clogs/slip ons, Liz Claiborne kitten heels, sparkly slippers, pom-pom slippers and black velvet charlie heels). ANYWAY- There is a DSW in Utah. I went back in April for my birthday/graduation and found some fun sandals. I went back today with my friend Mandi. And I kind of found two pairs of heels that asked me if I'd buy them and take them home to live with me and all my other shoes. So I did. I couldn't leave them in the store, they would have been so sad. Plus, I called my mom and asked her what she thought I should do about said shoes... and she of course said that every shoe needs a good home and that people are judged by the shoes they wear. So I should have good ones. Ok.

These shoes are great. Patent leather red heels. Shiny silver heels. DIVINE. Love them. Am wearing the red ones right now as I type. And will continue to wear them when I attempt my pumpkin pie practice run in a few minutes. They are so comfortable and so very pretty.

Like I said, I am not obsessed. I was just raised to appreciate a good pair of shoes. Both my mom and my step-dad are shoe connoisseurs and they have taught me well. I hope that I too can pass this trait on to my children and that we can delight in shoes in years to come.

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  1. hottttt!!! i love them. i also have a bit of a shoe problem. everyone who enters my room feels like they have to remind me of this. i have no organization to them and they are basically spilling out of my closet. theyre all just so lovely though!! and by the way--im leaving for maine overnight from the 20th-21st, so i definately need to meet up with you guys!!! :]


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