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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Come Along, Little Doggie

Before work this morning I took my little Maddie pants to Petsmart to get her nails done. And by nails I really mean TALONS. They were getting so deadly I honestly thought that the next time she jumped onto my lap she'd tear through my jeans. Not good.

In anticipation of my sister's arrival (air mattress!!) I thought it was about time to give up trying to clip Mads' nails myself and instead leave them to a pro. Plus, the dog needs some kind of car restraint. Otherwise, driving with just me and her can be a challenge. First, she just sits in the passenger seat and looks out the window. Then she jumps into the back and sniffs some more. Then she's in the front. Then she's on my lap. Then... well, you get the picture.

So, to Petsmart we went. The little angel just parked herself on my lap and leaned against my chest while she stared out the window at all the wonderful things she couldn't smell.
As soon as we got into the grooming room, I thought Maddie might die. Immediately the ladies working there started cooing and oohing and aahhing over how absolutely adorable Maddie is. Right, she's a killer, don't let her fool you. But her tail went down and she honest-to-goodness cowered right there and started shaking like a leaf. Fear is a good thing. Her nails got clipped in minutes, whereas Kev and I usually struggle with her for about ten before Maddie plays dead sprawled across one of our laps and we finally get all her toes done. Phew.

After the successful grooming, we slipped and slid our way to the bones and picked out a fresh one to replace the one she had filed to a deadly point. We're talking ready-to-drive-through-a-vampire-pointy-stake of a nylabone. New toy in hand, we continued slipping and sliding (tile floors are great!) over to the harness aisle. Found the Madster a great seat-belt like thing. Easy on, easy off.

When I got Maddie strapped into the car, it was heavenly. No roaming, no bumping, no precarious turns while she leans on my arms and pulls at the wheel. No accidental horn honking. Phew. She just drooled all over the seat. And can I just tell you that she looked so sad and cute all strapped into the seat belt? Seriously, she was not super thrilled to have such limited mobility, but if she wants to live, she should wear it. I don't have the best track record when it comes to fender-benders. If I was responsible for Maddie getting hurt in the car, I'd never recover. So, doggie seat-belt contraption it is!

She almost looked as happy as the dog on the labeling. When we got back home and she got her new bone though, man she was so happy she tore it up. In five minutes. Apparently she likes it. It just isn't the same durability as her first bone. So... she'll probably get another one for Christmas.

Is it wrong to buy your dog Christmas gifts?


  1. I always buy my doggies lots of presies -- it's not right if everyone else is opening packages and they have none :) They get just as excited as little kids about the packages. I had to teach Glam Puppy she wasn't allowed to start ripping apart packages willy-nilly (her 2nd Xmas she thought perhaps they were ALL for her). It was adorable :P

  2. What? Is there someone out there who wouldn't get their dog presents? It's a given. Dogs=presents at Christmas. Not doing it would be like forgetting to leave the cookies out for Santa and the carrots out on the lawn for the reindeer.
    Hmmm. I just caught Baci the dog writing the above. Is her opinion valid?


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