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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Derived from the Latin surnames Livius and Livia, taken from the Etruscan nickname Livus meaning "resentful, full of spite, malice."

I really shouldn't post before I usher. Inevitably, there will be something of note while I'm working.

At the end of tonight's Veteran's Day band concert, I found myself standing at the doors closest to the stage. I smiled as people exited and tried to make sure no one walked up on the stage to talk to the performers. One woman had already slipped up there and as she walked by me to get off the stage, she looked at me so funny. I just smiled and turned to say goodnight to other patrons.

Then funny-looker looked funny at me again. I was afraid I was in her way so I moved to the side, thinking she was trying to look at something behind me. She wasn't. I asked her if I could help her with something. She seriously looked like she had just stepped in poo. Funny-looker shook her head and said, "I was just looking at your name tag-" (here is where I think I have done something to offend her and that she plans to turn me in). But she continues with a furrowed brow... "very unusual" she says to me. She sounds flabbergasted that my name is "Livia." I don't think it's very unusual. Just because there isn't an "O" in front? Is that why it's so weird? Seriously, how is that so strange? And while I'm asking, why is it so hard to read it? Even when I introduce myself as "LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLivia" it is always repeated back to me as "Olivia."


Just for the record (this is for the boy in high school who argued with me that my name is really "Olivia" on my birth certificate and I just choose to shorten it to get attention)- my name really is L-I-V-I-A. No "O." Never has there been, never will there be. I don't think it's very unusual at all. For one thing, in Italy it's huge. And being a descendant of Vito Donato Senese, I think I'm doing pretty well with the whole normal-sounding-name thing.

Plus, I've done a bit of research, and Livia is the name of Caesar Augustus' wife (he was the first emperor of Rome). She was a pretty famous chic, being the first empress of Rome and the start of a line emperors and all. Ever heard of Nero? Livia was his great-great grandmother.

If history isn't your forte, well there's a girl on "The Sopranos" named Livia.

If TV isn't your forte, well there's a bird called the Columba livia. It's a pigeon. You may have heard of it (this particular species is found primarily in Europe/Asia/Northern Africa).

See, the name's not that unusual, people.

Oh, and to refer back to the title of this post, I find it interesting to note that by adding an "O" to my name, its meaning drastically changes from "full of malice" to "peaceful and harmonious." Now, it is very clear from those distinctively different definitions that my personality is much better suited by "Livia." So stop looking at me funny.

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  1. Mhhh....random surfing sometimes it's really instructive! To tell you the truth, in Italy, Livia it's not so common in these days, it's kind of old fashion....but i like it, specially for it's sound, and because it's far more beautiful than Olivia that sound's like a cartoon's name( I've never met some one with that name here in Italy)!
    After this abuse of the sound word i think i can go back book...Ciao terruncella!


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