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Friday, November 23, 2007

Flash Back Friday

First of all, Sophia and I went to see "Enchanted" today. HAHAHAHAHA Fun movie. I can't get the exaggerated versions of Disney songs out of my head. If you are a girl, or feel like one, go see this movie. It was great fun. I laughed a lot. It's super kid-friendly too.

Second, I'm thinking about giving my blog a little bit more direction. Hence the title "Flash Back Friday." As I was getting ready this morning I realized it'd be a good idea to have some definites every week. So, maybe on Fridays I post about the good ol' days, and some other day of the week I post my favorite photo or something pretty. I dunno. We'll just start today with a flashback and see how it goes.

This photo was taken in August of 2005. Sophia is far left, our brother Jesh is next, then me and my old room mate Mandi. She came to Maine with me that summer to meet my fam and chill on the beach and do tons of shopping in the outlet stores in Freeport. Fabulous trip. Look at how pretty we are!! This trip was right on the tails of the new Willy Wonka movie and Mandi, Sophia and I had gotten kids' meals at Wendy's with WW toys. They were awesome. I put mine on my bookshelf in my dorm room for ages. Good memories.

This is the Portland, ME headlight. Beautiful. Taken on the same trip to Maine in 2005. Pretty. I really hope to get Kevin to Maine during the summer. Poor guy's only been in late spring (brrrr) and the dead of winter (more brrrrrrr).

This is Cosmo. He liked to climb into things. On my trip to Maine in '05, my shampoo exploded all over my suitcase. While it was airing out, I noticed it was shaking... very curious indeed. I peeked inside and yes, Cosmo was rooting around, enjoying himself. Miss you kitty.

This is the Big Indian. It is also in Freeport. Right on the outskirts of town so you know you're getting to the good stuff as you drive by this guy. Why is there an Indian? I dunno, there just is.

aaaaaaaaaahhhh, massage chair. Mandi and I thoroughly enjoyed the mall. Look at how tan I am!! I almost can't recognize myself with color. That was a summer I not only went to a real live beach on the ocean (yes, it was too cold to get in even though it was August) but Mandi and I spent tons of time on the sand at Pineview Reservoir in Utah.

See? That's the real live ocean I was talking about. Mandi and I went with my mom and Sophia to Reid State Park, and we also went to Cousin's Island, and Winslow Park. It was FUN. I miss the beach. I miss taking trips with Mandi. I can't believe we're still friends, especially after that one time I went to Montana with her to visit her family and I was sick half the time and so grumpy and just wanted to sleep but her dad makes really great breakfast early in the morning before he goes to work... man, that was fun. But that'll have to be for another Friday.

I also think fondly of our return flight to Utah... we took a bus to Boston = 2 hours. Then we got on a plane to Jersey = absolute waste of time because we didn't get any farther west. Then after an eighteen million hour lay-over we got on a plane to Salt Lake City. It wasn't too big of a deal that we weren't sitting together, until we realized we were in the Emergency Exit seats. Those seats don't recline people. THEY DON'T RECLINE!! On a 6-hour trip, that's torture. And Mandi didn't have her headphones in her carry-on so she couldn't watch the movie!! It was torture. We were miserable. And while we were waiting in Jersey for our Emergency-Exit-seat seats we couldn't get in touch with our ride from the SLC airport to our apartment in Ogden. So we were flying across the country without any clue whether or not we had a way home. Sad.

But y'know what? Mandi and I are still friends. She came over for Thanksgiving dinner with her fabulously cute boyfriend BJ. We had a grand ol' time. Perhaps years from now, when I finally develop the film in my SLR, this Thanksgiving will find its way to a "Flash Back Friday" post. Aww, how sweet.

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