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Friday, November 30, 2007

Flash Back Friday

This isn't too long ago, but it's long enough. Kev and I hadn't even started dating when mine was taken. I had gotten into a phase of photographing my friends like this, all collage-like. There were 10 or so hanging up on the wall in my apartment for everyone to see and enjoy. Look, my hair is auburn!! Look, Kev's hair is red and looooong!!

It was fun times. I know for sure that my picture was taken in March of 2005, because I had just gotten my hair accidentally dyed Arielle-The-Little-Mermaid red. I guess the stylist at "Great Clips" didn't have much experience identifying hair color. Other identifying factors include the donkey on the wall behind me- my mom had for some reason sent a care package that included the Pin the Tail on the Donkey game and it hung up in my apartment the year I was a Junior in college. Those shoes too- Mandi and I both bought those slipper shoes at the same time and only wore them...once or twice.

Kev's picture was taken later in 2005, probably closer to August. I distinctly remember coming up in the elevator with him to my apartment and he spilled Mountain Dew while trying to hook his sunglasses onto his collar. And he was wearing his Quicksilver flip flops with the brand name scraped off on purpose. That's my Kev.

I promise that future Flash Backs will be from farther back. I just haven't had the motivation to scan older pics into my computer. So, until next time...

Oh and PS- the dog lady called me last night and left me a voice mail while I was at work!! She sounds very nice. Apparently, the workers who had let the dogs out didn't tell her the dogs had run off, and she didn't check her messages until the next day. She said she's very grateful that people like me are out there looking for dogs to rescue. How sweet.

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