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Friday, November 09, 2007


For those who are still wondering when Kev and I will create a tiny new person, the latest nightmare I had should be an indicator that it won't be any time soon.

I was not sleeping well this morning (Kev even asked me why the pillow was on my face) and it was because I was having quite an unpleasant dream. In my dream, there was a newborn sleeping on the edge of the bed with me and Kev (red flag #1 babies should sleep in baby beds). When I got up, I decided to grab the babe, and take my brother's dog Samson outside to pee. Additionally, I was yelling for Kev to take Maddie outside before she peed on the floor (red flag #2 don't yell at the person who's supposed to help you raise offspring). Frustrated that he was nowhere to be found, I carried the baby and got both dogs to follow me outside. Then I put the baby down on the ground next to Samson and told them both to go potty (red flag #3 don't put babies on the ground; red flag #4 don't make babies pee outside with dogs).

I am sure this dream was stemmed by a visit to Kev's brother who recently had another baby. Also by Alex's encouragement earlier this week that one day soon I will wake up and think my life will be incomplete if i don't pop out a mini-me in exactly 9 months.

No thank you. We've only had Maddie for 5 months and I would like to continue reveling in her potty-trained, self-feeding, no screaming, lock-her-up-whenever-you-want-to glory.

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