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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Birthday

Today my little tiny baby brother is 21. Whoa. How did that happen? I remember walking him home from school when we were kids. I remember him getting me grounded every weekend of my childhood. I remember being green with envy because he'd get to stay up later than me so he could stuff his face full of cinnamon raisin toast. I remember he had a TV in his room when we were little and I didn't. So when he got grounded he got to watch TV and I had to listen through the door. I remember throwing his Ninja Turtles at rocks because I'd get so mad at him. I remember full-on brawls when he'd cheat during "uno." I remember when he used to pee in the corner (hahahaha) in the basement. I remember the stories about me teaching him how to climb out of his crib. I remember our mom telling me I tried to convince her she'd left her baby at the hospital, and that Jeshua was mine. Man, I love you Jesh. Happy Birthday, way down in Mexico.

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