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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Isn't it Ironic?

Last night I was sitting on the floor playing with Maddie while Kev was preparing himself a nice slice of pumpkin pie (the one I made over the weekend that totally didn't suck). I looked at our pretty red couch and told Kev how glad I am that we bought it.

Then I parked myself on said couch and started looking through our newly completed photo album. Yea!! Then Kev dropped his piece of pumpkin pie covered in cool whip all over the couch.


But you know what? It was about time we wiped down two cushions and the arm with a damp rag. And it'd been a week since I'd vacuumed it. So it's all good. But... maybe we'll take a break from eating on the couch. Just give it a break from the stress of pending spills.

After we finished operation couch wipe down, Kev inhaled his pie over the sink. Good choice honey. Then we squished together on the dry spots of the couch and finished looking through the photo album. With Maddie too. It was so cozy.

Aren't you proud of me Kev? I totally didn't freak out. Seriously, all I said was "Oh no..." in a very controlled, non-judgmental tone of voice. Amazing.

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