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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

It's a Crazy, Crazy Mixed Up World

It only took me a year and 4 months, but I have finally completed the "Kevin and Livia Photo Album." Originally it just had pictures from the wedding day and then after. Then I decided I wanted to put in pictures from the engagement hike, and then from when we were dating. So I had to take everything out and start all over. THEN I found even more pictures in a different album from when we first met and starting "hanging out." *sigh* So I emptied and re-filled that sucker a number of times. Some of the photos I tried printing last year weren't the right resolution so they wouldn't print... yada yada yada. The point is that today, I slipped the last four photos into their reserved spots in the "Kevin and Livia Photo Album." It was blissful. and I shared the wonderful experience with my dog. She was thrilled too.

It is so satisfying to know that the last 2 years is documented in a real live photo album. Not just available on the Internet. REAL photos that I can hold in my hands. But I won't because they are so nicely tucked into the album. It's such a relief. And filling that album meant that I could continue working on the next album without any more guilt. Wahoo!!

Also, I'd like to point out the obvious- some men are clueless. I wore my fabulous patent leather red heels today to work. They are so comfortable. I even walked a bunch. But then a young man was locked out. And he lives in the building at the top of the hill in our housing complex. Not really a big deal because the sidewalk is perfectly walkable for women in heels. Well, this young man seemed completely unaware of my 3-inch heels. So he proceeded to scale the 45 degree incline that leads to the soccer field that leads to his building. *sigh* Being the skilled walker that I am, I managed to gracefully walk the hill in my heels. And walk the slightly soggy field in my heels. But I was quite a ways behind Mr. Clueless.

In addition to being unsympathetic towards 3-inch-heel-wearing-girls, Mr. Clueless had also propped open every door between his locked bedroom and our office. He explained that he did so because he was afraid no one would be in the office to let him back in. That's when I pointed out the 24-hour cell phone number that can reach a Housing worker any time day or night. Oh. How convenient.

How do some people even get into college? I mean, I know WSU is open-enrollment so no one gets turned away... but I even ask this question in a literal sense. How can such young, naive, clueless little souls even manage to find their way on to a plane and get to college? How do they manage to find their classes every day? How do they not fall off the face of the earth? They just seem so completely lost. Not in the "who am I" kind of way; in the way that you just know their parents never made them work hard a day in their lives. And as a result, they just think the fridge refills itself and the car never runs out of gas. How do people live like that? Do they grow up to be the kind of employers who have their secretaries remember people's birthday/anniversary? I just don't get it.

Earlier this year a girl called the Housing Office because she had misplaced her class schedule. So she wanted me to print one off for her. From the Housing Office. I explained to her that our computer system is in no way connected to the campus and that we do not have access to any records that are unrelated to her room assignment or rent. Then she told me she doesn't even live on campus. Excuse me? Honey, what am I supposed to do for you? It's people like that who make me afraid for the future. When I meet people like that, I start to favor the Utah stereotype that women should just come to college to meet a man so they can get married and drop out. Make room for the people who know what they're doing.

But what do I really know? I just got an English degree. And no, I will not be teaching with that.

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