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Monday, November 19, 2007

Mini Road Trip

I went to BYU today. Sophia needed to see the school.

Just to see if I could cause some trouble, I grabbed Kev's bottom while we were walking along the sidewalks.

I also started screaming "FRECKLES!! FRECKLES!!" because I felt overwhelmed with appreciation for the abundance of freckles Kev has.

Sadly, only a few people turned around. Most of them seemed too intent on finding an eternal companion to notice little old me.

Oh and PS- before you drive all the way to Provo to see Wyview Apartments, don't. They don't give tours. But they do suggest you knock on a stranger's door and ask them to show you around. Sounds so freakin safe, lemme tell ya.

In order to recover from BYU, I had to engage in some light retail therapy this evening. Thank you ROSS, and thank you Super Target. I feel so much better. The fruits of my labors will be visible after Thanksgiving because that's when it's legal to put up Christmas related paraphernalia in your home.

Stay tuned.

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