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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

Today Sophia, Kev and I are heading down to Seth's for another fabulous afternoon of dog-watching. Oh, and more food. Plus, Sophia's flight is tomorrow in SLC, so instead of driving down really early tomorrow morning, we're all just crashing at Seth's in Sandy. Works great.

Since I've been with my siblings so much the last week, I've been thinking about little tiny baby Jeshua, who is 21 and serving his LDS mission in Mexico. I wouldn't want him to feel left out, so here are some pics of his adventures in the mission.

Buses are great places for Disney ads and Jesus ads.

Sometimes missionaries get locked out. And Jeshua has to climb walls to let everybody in.

Sometimes missionaries have to eat gross food. Ok, whatever, Jesh has a mamita who cooks him delicioso food whenever his skinny little body needs it.

It's almost impossible to see, but there is a pig on the stairs above Jeshua. Fun times in Mexico.

We always knew Jeshua was tall, but come on people. He's a freakin giant.

And there's always time for some posing on the mission. Like how the statue is censored? So artistically done.

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