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Friday, November 16, 2007


MY SISTER IS COMING TODAY!! I haven't seen her since last Christmas. Actually it was after Christmas. Because of my work schedule Kev and I couldn't go to Maine until after real Christmas. I think it was the 30th of December when we had our pretend Christmas back east with the family (minus Jesh who was in Mexico by then). And this year we can't go to Maine at all because there is no "send people to Maine" charity that we can benefit from and I have to be on call by the 28th :) No worries though because Sophia (the little pink one in the pic) is coming TODAY!! True, she'll be with Seth (who's holding Soph in the pic) until Sunday, but then I'll get to see her.

And remember all those presents I mentioned earlier? Well, I was downstairs in the basement today getting some laundry done before work and Kev reminded me that Soph will get those presents in just a couple of days. I almost exploded happiness bits on Kev because I'd kinda forgotten about that. It'll be like Christmas since we won't be there for the real thing.

Oh Sophia. When you were born you had lots of black hair. Our mom's real little Italian baby. Then one day it all fell out in your crib. Gross. But you still stayed olive-skinned even though you became fair of hair and blue of eye. I was going to give you my favorite crocheted baby blanket when you were born. I tried. But then I had to take it back because I couldn't breathe without it. Tough luck kiddo.

I can't believe you're coming and that you're old enough to tour colleges now. What? How? *sigh* I feel old.

I just can't conclude this post without pointing out that Jeshua is wearing a bow tie. Hahahaha The early nineties are so unforgiving. Please pay no mind to my semi-mullet. I believe my mom and I referred to that as me having "wings," which is very very different from a mullet.

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