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Monday, November 12, 2007

so... yeah

Things that are bugging me today:

early alarm
no breakfast screwed everything up
the grocery store
i forgot half my list for the grocery store
knowing i have to go back to the grocery store
people who park too far from the curb
no parking
driving into the sun
ran out of shaving cream in the shower
razor burn
long lines
more traffic
locked doors
too many keys
trying to get maddie to do her business instead of sniffing every blade of grass and eating junk off the ground
playing tug of war with maddie while trying to eat dinner
kev's not home
all-day headache threw off my yoga groove
sahara-desert-like-thirst i can't quench
the bath mats are still in the dungeon in the dryer
maddie won't stop growling at me
maddie won't stop growling at the door, leading me to believe someone is lurking in the lobby with a gun
cold weather
the sun disappears at 4 in the afternoon
i'm bored and tired but it's only 9:25
apparently i'm old

But there are good things:

i only worked a 2.75 hr shift today
one of kev's christmas presents came in the mail today
i am practically done with christmas shopping
thanksgiving is very close which means sophia is getting closer
mexicans didn't steal the package i mailed to my brother
i successfully tricked maddie into eating both her breakfast and her dinner by teaching her it's fun to play with food
a friend's wedding announcement came in the mail today and it's pretty
the spaghetti noodles fit in the tupperware i bought even though i had no clue what size i needed


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