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Monday, November 26, 2007

Sophia went home today. Sad. But, in an attempt to make ourselves feel better, Kev and I hung around in SLC and went to Liberty Mountain and IKEA before driving back up to Ogden.

I feel a little bit better.

Walking around IKEA for the first time was amazing. It is so big. Warehouse big. So many pretty and practical things. Kev was such a good sport- he sat on every couch I asked him to try, and he looked at everything I pointed to and he pulled out endless table leaves with me. I think he was actually excited about some of the stuff too.

Like this: Hopen furniture and Malm furniture. When we finally buy a new bed we'll definitely put it on a frame. Currently, our box spring and mattress rest on the floor. Fancy.

And to go around such a pretty bed, we hope to one day sell our first-born to pay for this armoire set:These wardrobes have lights!! And there are shelves inside that pull out and drawers and cubbies and everything a person needs to keep clothes and shoes (and more shoes) organized. See?
Oh the beauty. Shiny little chrome handles. Super glidy gliders. No clanky drawers or doo-dads. They are fabulous. Much more fancy than the mismatched dressers and shelves we currently have.

No closet will ever be big enough for me. But this wardrobe collection is a good start. Then I can consolidate the three dressers and 1/2 closet I currently use to house my clothes and shoes. Kev grabbed a catalogue for me on our way out and it's nestled safely in my purse for perusing at work tomorrow. A girl can only dream.

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  1. little girl, dont get caught up so much in shoes and clothes. the beauty of the world is not in these things...but in the intangibles like the love for your dogs, the sunsets, the mountains, your husband and children on the morrow. though thanks for the wardrobe idea- i have to get one made...might use this suggestion:)


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