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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Starry Night

This is something I really love. It's on my Christmas list. I sure hope Santa pulls through, especially since I gave him a gift card good for half the price of a framed version of this print...

I've been wicked good this year. I adopted a sweet little chien noire and gave her a good home with lots of love and opportunities to exercise. Plus, when we made her wear a life jacket, we made sure it was cute. Safety can be fashionable too.

And I graduated from college. With a 4.0 my last two semesters. That's pretty amazing. True, I "only" got a Bachelor's in English, but it's still good. Who cares if I'm never going to use my actual degree? I still learned a lot. Yeah, yeah... I got my minor in Sales, which is quite possibly the easiest way out, but I learned a lot there too!!

I know I know, there isn't really a diploma in that cover... and after I walked the school told me I had deficiencies and that I wasn't really graduated. But I gave them a piece of my mind and eventually Weber mailed me a real diploma.

So please, Santa, I'd really like that bit of artwork. I know I can't hang it on my cinder block walls right now, but someday I'll live in a house made of wood. And then I'll be able to hang "The Starry Night" and all my other art that's stuffed in the living room closet being neglected.

At least I'm not asking for shoes. Even though these are DELICIOUS. And these. And these. (Thanks GlamGirl).

PS I'm working as an usher tonight so it is almost inevitable that I will have more to post afterwards. And boy am I excited; it'll be the first of many viewings of "The Nutcracker." In case you're wondering, Kev and I usher for about 2.6 billion different versions of "The Nutcracker" during November and December. It's so magical.

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