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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Student Woes

Well. I thought I'd consolidated my student loans. I had received about six thousand emails regarding my repayment amount and the start date. So I was all set to start sending money back out into the Universe to repay my education.

On Saturday morning at 9 (who does that, really?) I got a call from some woman telling me she noticed I began the consolidation process, but never finished. Great. I asked her to tell me exactly how to finish. EXACTLY. Because I obviously thought I knew what I was doing but I didn't. She said to go to their easy website ( and electronically sign. My "co-borrer" (i.e. co-BORROWER) also needs to go to the website that doesn't really exist to create her own account and electronically sign.

Why Why WHY can't Sallie Mae just mail me a real piece of paper that I can sign with a PEN and fax back to them? Why is that so hard? Why must I try to remember 1) my account ID 2) my password 3) my account # 4) seven, yes SEVEN, challenge questions and 5) a confirmation # just so I can get the runaround on a website I eventually found even though 9am phone-call-lady gave me the wrong one to begin with? I promise I have gone through that stupid process 3 times and still have not "electronically signed" anything.

But, oh thank goodness, I just received my six-thousand-and-one email from Sallie Mae telling me I can easily log into my account simply by using my account ID and social security number. But why do I need to log in again? The last time I went through the consolidation ringer the website said they'd be notifying me once everything was hunky-dory.

A note to Sallie Mae: Please. Please. Please. Just send me a real live piece of paper so I can sign on the dotted line. And send one to my "co-borrer" so she can sign too.

Thank you.

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