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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Stupid Dumb

So it's late and I'm tired. I slept through my alarm for the millionth time this morning and we were late for church. I keep doing that- either turning the alarm off in my sleep or missing it altogether. It's not fun. Then I wake up randomly and sit up and think "OH NO WHAT TIME IS IT?" and I frantically try to orient myself and get it together. Lame.

At least I got to wear my new red shoes. They are so great. And while I have nothing against cute little toddlers, I do kind of have something against cute little toddlers putting their sticky fingers all over my new shoes. Especially when I have my eyes closed during a prayer and all of a sudden there's something hanging unexpectedly from my shoe.

When I told Kev that a small child had grabbed my foot with his sticky hands, Kev just laughed at me and told me I'm funny. He was probably thinking "Oh dear, what did I marry? She can't handle kids touching her shoes..." But seriously, these are BRAND NEW shoes. One would think church is a safe place to wear brand new pretty shoes, but apparently I'm wrong.

I suggested to Kev that we move to a family ward because I'm getting a little tired of the married student ward. But then I got to thinking... family wards have primary. Primary means lots and lots of sticky fingers. With my luck, I'd get called to be a primary teacher. And that means every week lots and lots of sticky fingers would be aimed at my pretty shoes. Hmmm. Seems like a bad choice. We'll see.

On the bright side, my first ever pumpkin pie didn't suck. Phew.

Must sleep now. I'm turning up the volume on my alarm so I don't awake in a panic tomorrow morning thinking I'm late for my meetings. Wish me luck.

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  1. this entire past week ive been doing that with my alarm. i think ive slept in every single day. today was no exception, and i ended up going to church with my bf in the afternoon. i need to find some solution soon though so i dont get fired from work!!


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