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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Revealed

Ok, the long wait is over. This morning I got all the Thanksgiving pics developed. Wahoooo. You will see many photos of Sophia with the dog, Seth with dog(s), Kev with dog... and so on. Maddie is still a favorite photo subject around here, as is Samson, Seth's puppy.

These are the now infamous pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Look how lovely and lumpy they are!!

And we have Sophia lounging with Maddie. It's standard procedure around here to lay around all day and snuggle.

This is PRE-DINNER lounging. There was much more laying around after we'd stuffed ourselves silly with turkey, potatoes, stuffing and the like.

The holiday table!! It's out in the lobby of our building since our apartment is so small and couldn't possibly manage to feed 6 people while 2 dogs milled about. But it was just so much fun to eat in the lobby. We set up the food behind the table on a tall counter and served it up buffet-style. So efficient.

The plated food!! Yum!!

The guests- BJ, Mandi, Me, Maddie, and Sophia.

Samson, Seth, Sophia, Kev and Mads.

The aftermath.

And we slumbered peacefully after pumpkin pie, cookies, more pie and Christmas movies. It was quite the treat. Thanks for coming.

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  1. these pictures are so cute!! i love the one of you and sophia and the dog. adorable. i love thanksgiving!!


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