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Friday, November 02, 2007


I'm hosting a Thanksgiving dinner again this year. But this is the first year I'm actually getting nervous about it. Probably because I'm going to attempt to make my very first pumpkin pie. Yup. That's right. Other years I either make some kind of jell-o pudding graham cracker crust pie or have someone else bring the dessert. I want to do a practice run, but who needs pumpkin pie twice in one month? I'm afraid it's already too close to turkey day for me to make a pie to ensure I can't screw it up. Seriously, how horrible would it be if after a scrumptious dinner there's no pie? Ugh. I'll probably resort to making the pie the night before. I prefer eating it chilled anyway. And for those who don't, well, I have a great microwave that works just fine.

I've already made a big list of what I need to get in order to have a super-successful turkey day. Lists are so great. I love making lists. I could probably make and complete a new list every day. But I refrain from being so crazy and really only make one list per week and just add to it every day. I know it's been a good week when every single item is crossed off. I can't wait to cross everything off the Thanksgiving list.

Another great thing about Thanksgiving is that my little tiny baby sister (who is 17) will be coming all the way from Maine for the big day. She'll actually be here in two weeks. TWO WEEKS!! I'm excited. I have bags full of presents for her to have. Let's just say I get hooked up at my job sometimes. She has no clue what these bags are full of, and I'm psyched to show her. Sometimes I sort through the presents in the basement and just get giddy.

Basically, I'm really excited about Thanksgiving. Hopefully that thrill endures the pie-making attempt. I'll secure a backup, for sure. It'll be ready and waiting in the wings in case my first pumpkin pie goes belly up. Oh Kev, aren't you glad you married such a homemaker?

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