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Monday, November 05, 2007

This and That

The quest to minimize my contribution to global warming is still on. Seriously, week two. I took the shuttle to my morning meetings and decided to walk back since the day turned out so nicely. I even unplug my hair dryer these days. And my phone charger. Yes, I get confused when I turn on some things and find they have no juice, but then I realize they're just unplugged. Duh.

In other, unrelated news... Kev might be going to Zion's this month for a canyoneering trip. Can I just express my jealousy? Why am I jealous? Well, because I will be on call for work the weekend Kev plans to go. I would be less frustrated if I hadn't just forfeited two Friday nights in a row to be "on call." I wasn't supposed to, but I ended up having no choice. The person who was supposed to take the phone from me (and therefore assume on call status) failed to show up. So there I was, Friday-night-number-two-in-a-row-on-call. Let me explain a little bit why being on call is so frustrating:
-When on call, I am not supposed to be out of a ten-minute radius from the WSU campus.
-I am on call for a week at a time.
-I have to carry two cell phones because some people still feel the need to call my personal cell instead of the on call cell when they need something.
-I get calls that do not classify as EMERGENCIES. Examples: "Hi, um I'm looking for (some other co-worker), have you seen him?" My response? Try calling (some other co-worker) and not me. *sigh*
-I always seem to get called when I'm in Wal-Mart, and have horrible reception. And when I try to call the person back 25 seconds later, s/he is already flipping out and calling everyone else s/he knows and my call goes straight to voicemail. Then I have to wait for the "freaker outer" to calm down and call me back because I know I will never get through.

Also, I will be on call for the entire week that my sister comes from Maine to visit. Despite the fact that I asked the other two gentlemen with whom I work to make some arrangements to switch some days around. That was in August. Still no word. *sigh*

But I guess I'll survive. I'll just hang out all by my lonesome while Kev is in Zion's and my sister stays in Salt Lake with our older brother.

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