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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Under Dog

So, despite the horrible start to my morning, I still acted like a nice person today.

At the end of a long shift at work, I found myself driving home in a slightly icy winter wonderland. Pretty.

As I approached one of the final turns to my apartment, I saw two dogs jogging along. Then I realized they were all alone. No human friend. No leashes. CATASTROPHE.

Being a new dog owner myself, I feel great pangs of sorrow when I see animals in peril, or potential peril. I can't even watch Animal Planet anymore because it's always showing horrible clips of dogs being rescued by Animal Control and they're miserably matted and malnourished... oh my gosh. But anyway-

So these dogs are walking along, being best friends. I pulled over and got them both to come to my car. I almost got the little black one inside, but the ginormous husky wouldn't do it, and so the little black one followed suit. And then they both peed on the light pole next to me.

I manged to read little black dog's collar and got a phone number for his "parents." I called and was so sad that I just got an answering machine. So I left a message explaining that I had seen their dogs on campus and would try to coral them. And then the dogs took off after a student walking on campus. Great.

Who does one call when in peril? Kev. He is my hero. HERO. Luckily he was home and met me right across the street and coaxed the GIANT husky into our car. The husky got both his front legs into the car, and then stopped. Just stopped. Nothing doing. I told Kev they both had rabies tags, so we could chance a bite and push him in. Ha.

Just in case you were wondering, NO we did not get them to climb into the hatchback. Instead, both dogs (Bailey and Sitka) preferred to slip and slide their wet little selves on the leather backseat. Perfect.

Kev and I drove the dogs back across the street to our parking lot and he ran inside to get treats. Those dogs decided we were their new best friends. Kev managed to dig through the GIANT husky's fur and we got their address and found our way up the hill to the ritzy neighborhood Bailey and Sitka came from.

There were two men in the driveway, shoveling and putting up Christmas decorations. One explained the he was working there, and that he had opened the gate and the dogs took off. Then he yanked and yanked and yanked on the GIANT husky in a vain attempt to get him out.

Now, I know I was only with these dogs for a short time, but I already felt pains leaving them with strangers. Who cares if that was the house their tags indicated? I had to watch them get secured in the back yard and make sure they didn't get yelled at.

It's been about 5 hours since Kev and I dropped Bailey and Sitka off, and I can honestly say I'm disappointed that the owners haven't called to express appreciation for the return of their dogs. My only hope is that they're out of town and someone is dog-sitting, not checking the messages. But seriously, I put two slippery stinky wet doggies that could've bit me into my car and made Kev help me find their home and haul them there.

Please, just a little tiny reassurance that I did good? Please? If I'm not getting a phone call, then at least give me hot water tomorrow morning.

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  1. i think you did a very good job of the dogs Liv. so just relax. sometimes people are too caught up in issues to return a thank you note. their problem. if they didnt have a problem, their dogs wouldn't have been on the street. just feel good that you did what you could in the situation- hopefully hoping that they didn't want to abandon the dogs!

    kudos for your student life and quest for love. i am sure you are finding in it quite a few things- both each other as well as the puppy- must be a grown dog by now. i wouldnt have the time to look at it for now, but will return someday for sure. good luck dear. for everything- even the growing up that you express with full-time jobs!


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