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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Kev Gone?

Kevin going out of town is dumb for a number of reasons.

1) I miss him
2) I'm bored
3) People ask where is he when I surface in the outside world without him
4) Maddie freaks out

Allow me to elaborate on Maddie's freak-out. Sometimes, Kev simply comes home late. If I'm already in bed, I take Maddie with me to keep me company until Kev gets home. The problem with that is EVERY time Maddie hears something, she's sure it's Kev so she has to crawl out from under the covers and hover at the edge of the bed until Kev either walks into the bedroom or it turns out the noise wasn't Kev at all.

Usually, if Kev is just coming home late, it doesn't bother me that much that Maddie insists on playing watch-dog. It only lasts 30 mins or so and then Kev gets home. Last night however, poor Maddie did not know that Kev would not be coming home, so her efforts to stay up waiting for him were futile.

Every few minutes she would hear someone or something outside, or in the lobby of our building. On cue, she would wriggle out of the covers and hover at the edge of the bed. She even growls when she hears noises. Imagine my delight as this continued for ages. Seriously, like an hour. I was so exhausted from my venture out on a Friday night sans Kevin (I worked the door at an awesome event hosted by WSU Housing, the College of Edu. and various other sponsors in the Ogden/Davis County community) and I just wanted to sleeeeeeep. But Maddie wouldn't hear it.

And this morning? Well, let's just say Maddie is still awaiting the arrival of her one true love. Little does she know he won't be back until SUNDAY night. Great. Two whole days of no Kevin love for Maddie. She'll be positively beside herself when he finally walks in the door. As we speak, she is perched on my lap in the office, staring at the door.

Let this be a lesson to you Kev: you can never go out of town again.

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  1. Bear does this as well when Caleb leaves, and it drives me crazy. Usually by bed time he's given up, sulky, and will sleep through the night. However, he wakes me up super early to check and see if he's somehow materialized on the bed during the night. And then it's back to waiting by the door. :) Crazy dogs!


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