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Friday, December 21, 2007

Deviating From the Norm

Now, I know I try to keep Fridays interesting by putting up embarrassing photos from my childhood/early adolescence... but I've been neglecting my photo albums and scanner this week. So I don't have any humiliating photos this Friday. But let's flash back to last night-

After working from 8-4:30 at one job, I went home for dinner and then Kev and I worked at 6:15 as ushers for the Ogden Symphony. Oh, did I mention there were 4 inches of snow outside? Yes, and it was still coming down. Why did I wear my new $20 Nine West 4-inch heels? I dunno. I like them. We drove across the street to the theater. Four-wheel drive is awesome.

Anyway- less than 1,000 people showed up because of the horrible weather. Hey, even the conductor almost bailed. He and some principle players in the symphony were stuck on Hwy 89 somewhere "between Salt Lake and Ogden" going 20 miles an hour. At 7:30 we were scheduled to close the doors and start the show, but it was more like 8:30 when their bus pulled up and they darted into the theater. Phew. Thankfully they opted NOT to perform as scheduled and instead rearranged the play list so we could get outta there before midnight.

When Kev and I got home, we let our little Madster out and she ran around like a mad woman in all the snow. It's my job to shovel walkways and stairs for the building we live in, so the pooch got to run to her heart's content while Kev and I cleared snow.

It makes me a little nervous to let Maddie loose without boundaries. She loves to wander off and follow the deer and kitty trails she sniffs out. We have lots of friendly woodland creatures that roam around the residence halls, and she gets no end of excitement from it.

However, I have learned a great trick to get Maddie to come when called. Like me, she is obsessed with Kev. Literally. She licks him till his skin is raw. She spoons with him and jumps into his arms when he'll let her. So, when we were shoveling in the great expanse of wilderness last night, I just called out: "Maddie, go get your Kevin!!" Almost always she'd come tearing around buildings or trees to find him. There was another person shoveling with us and she first ran towards him. But when she realized he was an impostor she spun around looking for the real deal. When she spotted Kev she took off after him with great glee in her eyes.

It is so freakin funny. Even when I just take her outside in the mornings, I use this tactic. If she's taking too long sniffing around after doing her business, I just say: "Maddie, let's go get your Kevin!!" and she'll promptly end the sniffing and pull me back to our building on her leash. She won't even stop for a treat once inside. As soon as I unclip her leash from her collar she'll bolt through the apartment and dive into bed with Kev. It's awesome.

When I get home before Kev from work, Maddie can sometimes be annoying. She'll get bored with me and just start growling at me to get me to play with her. So what do I do? I say Kev's name and ask her where he is. Then she'll spend a good 10 minutes searching the apartment and waiting by the door for him. And I get a break. It's so fun.

Needless to say, I encourage her to have a deep-seeded obsession with Kev. After all, a Kevin fan club isn't really a fan club if there's only one member. That's more like just being a stalker.

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