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Friday, December 07, 2007

Flash Back Friday

As promised, here's some of the good stuff. The picture below is of me and my brothers, Seth and Jeshua. My dad's handwriting on the back indicates that it was taken in April of 1990, so probably right around my birthday. That would make Seth 11, me 6, and Jeshua 3. Sophia would be born in July of this year. I have puffed sleeves!! Just like Anne of Green Gables always desired. *sigh*

Since starting up some Internet blogs, I've been reminded of this play twice (in the last couple of months). I'm pretty sure I was in 4th grade... so I was about 10 years old. I played Tootie in "Meet Me In St. Louis." It was a blast. I remember having my hair in curlers for ages, and wearing tons of make-up and practicing lines over and over and over. I even missed school some days because I was tired from rehearsals the night before. I loved being a ham.

In 1996 (I was 12) I got to go to Jr. Jazz camp. Awesome. Here I am with Jamie Watson and Bryon Russel. How do I remember their names? I have no idea. But it was a huge deal for me to be in basketball camp. I loved it.

So there we have some of the embarrassing photos that commemorate pre-adolescence. It's fun to go through my old albums, so I'll definitely keep scanning them into my computer and sharing my humiliation with all of you.

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