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Friday, December 28, 2007

Flash Back Friday

I used to do a bit of photography. More seriously than I do now. I took a class in both ninth and twelfth grades. Then I stopped. My freshman year of college I still walked around with my SLR over my shoulder, but I didn't take any classes because I was too broke to afford lab fees on top of regular tuition. In five years of college, I was never able to fit a photography class in my schedule. It's sad.

But that's why flash backs are great- you can relive a bit of the past. The following photos were taken the summer after I graduated from good ol' Freeport High. I was kinda running a summer day-care camp thing. Ages 3-6 I believe. Fun. Sometimes. At least they made great subjects:

See? Cute kids. Pretty decent photography. I miss it. Not the working in day care part, but the picture taking part.

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