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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Home Sweet Home

On Sunday, Kev and I spent over an hour looking at real estate online. We focused on houses in our county and had so much fun wistfully browsing pictures and amenities for each house.

Today at work I remembered there's another category I've been overlooking- Condos/Townhouses. Now, I know that I have a burning desire for a private yard for Maddie, but seriously, some of the Townhouses we could afford give us more for our money than the houses in our price range.

I am smitten. There are so many in the area. I've been making my cute co-worker come to my computer and look at so many pictures to get a second opinion. Maddie will still be plenty happy in a Townhouse/Condo. There are a few located next to parks. She can run her little heart out there. Plus, a lot of the Townhouses I've looked at include the appliances. Major bonus. And for Kev too- I've seen a number of 3-bedroom Townhouses. That means he can have a "Man Room." Lucky him.

My job contract doesn't expire until May, so until then we have a free place to live. But I see no reason why we can't find a new home sooner than that. I am in no way opposed to moving before May...after all, we all know I'm a huge fan of consistent hot water, something which our current living situation does not guarantee.

And I want to paint. And put our art work up on the walls throughout our home. Right now most of it is up in the living room, and I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with clutter on the walls. Plus, I want a laundry room that's connected to the living space. Not through a lobby, down some stairs and down the hall. I truly appreciate having my own laundry right now, but I am so over climbing the stairs past students who are taking classes in our building. Kev refuses to take certain laundry down in the light of day because he doesn't need students catching a glimpse of our "unmentionables." Understood.

So, I have an hour left at work, which means I will continue to torture myself by looking at homes online. And then I'll meet up with Kev after work and show him everything I've perused. It's a vicious cycle.

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