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Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Premature Merry Christmas

I went last-minute Christmas shopping yesterday. There were just a few things I really needed to get for Kev so I braved down-town on a Saturday. That's love.

Luckily, I survived many crowds, chaotic parking lots, and bad drivers. To reward myself, I used a $10-off coupon at Victoria's Secret and got two free lip glosses. Plus, at Ross I found a pair of black, Nine West heels for $20. I won't tell you what deals I found for Kev though... he reads this. I can't go ruining his surprises.

Christmas is so great. I love the songs that remind us of the birth of Christ. I love the messages at church about giving to those who are less fortunate. I love giving to Kev and seeing how happy he is to get the things he's been wanting and/or needing for a while. I love it. Our little four foot tree is covered in lights and carabiners and is surrounded by loads of presents. Every year in my family we always heard "You won't be getting much so don't get too excited" and then we always had way too many presents for people who claim to be so poor. I'm happy that the same tradition continues for me and Kev.

Somehow, even though I'm in the process of paying back my student loans, I seem to have more money than before. Not that I'm rolling in it, but I just have plenty left over after bills are paid. That makes for a very fun Christmas because over the last three months I've been able to slowly purchase the gifts I know Kev will love.

Here we are last year, reveling in all the wrapping paper and new-gifts glory. Yes, that's a home-made chalk bag atop our festive tree. This year I believe there's a figure-eight as its crowing glory. Gotta spice it up a bit, folks.

I'm am SO looking forward to this Christmas, especially since Seth and Samson are planning to come up and open presents with us. Funny story- my brother had no idea our mom's been sending his presents to me. She sent him one box and he opened it already. He failed the test and has therefore forfeited the privilege of receiving boxes at his own house.

And in case you were wondering, yes, Kev is getting the most presents out of anyone. My mom keeps updating me on what to look for in the mail, and the ratio of presents Kev is getting compared to me and Seth is quite appalling. Maybe he's just been better this year than the rest of us.

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