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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Let's Just Imagine...

You live in a small, 12X20-ish dorm room. There are 17 other rooms on the floor, some rooms with two people living in them. That means about 25 people live on this floor, 3 of whom have complained about allergies they believe are related to animal dander.

You serve as an example to these people. They are supposed to be able to go to you for support, whether academic, emotional, physical, spiritual etc.

Let's just say that last week, your immediate supervisor told you to get rid of your PETS that live in your small dorm room with you. And then, a couple of days later, your supervisor's supervisor told you to get rid of your pets.

Then, a week after the first two warnings, you and the rest of your co-workers are addressed by your immediate supervisor in a staff meeting and are told once again that pets are not allowed in the dorms.

Would you then go to you supervisor's supervisor's boss and beg him to let you keep your pets? All three pets? In your dorm room? Honey, he's the one who told your supervisor and your supervisor's supervisor to tell you to get rid of the animals.

Oh yeah, and let's also pretend that you're interested in applying for and getting your supervisor's job. Would you consider breaking policy (and ignoring 3 warnings) a way to get a leg up in a company?

I think not. But then again, I'm sometimes wrong.

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