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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sappy Saturday

My friend has this girlfriend I don't really like. It's rather upsetting. So upsetting in fact that I have nightmares about her. I always think of the first line of that Avril Lavigne song: "Hey, hey, you, you, I don't like your girlfriend/NO WAY NO WAY/I think you need a new one" when I think of the two of them. They've been together about a year and a half, so that song's been stuck in my head A LOT lately.

One time, I dreamt that my friend was going to buy a movie rental franchise and make his girlfriend a manager. I was so pissed because in order to avoid her, I'd have to go 31 blocks north to a different video rental store. I woke up disliking her even more just because of my dream.

Other times, I have dreamt that she's just hanging around, trying to be a part of the group. And all I do in these dreams is glare at her. It feels so real that I'm sure I wake up with more wrinkles than I went to sleep with.

In another dream, she was trying to sleep in another room while a bunch of us were laughing and talking and enjoying ourselves. She kept coming into the room to yell at us and tell us to be quiet. I just glared at her. Upon seeing that she was getting no sympathy from people she knew, she turned to some stranger and tried to make friends.

I used to try to be nice to this girlfriend. I used to defend her and suggest that she really "isn't so bad." But then I had to spend more time with her and I realized she has nothing to offer intellectually or even just conversationally. When I speak with her, I feel like I'm talking with someone who has never read a book, watched the news, or had an opinion that differed from whoever she's dating at the time. It's sad. She's about 3 years older than me.

Something I've always loved about Kev is his ability to answer almost every single question I pose, whether it's serious or silly. He is so smart. His brain sucks up knowledge and trivia like a thirsty sponge. It's endless. "Hey Kev, what's the deal with global warming?" "Hey Kev, why's my car making that funny noise?" "Hey Kev, how do I do ______ on my computer?" "Hey Kev, how do I work the record player?" "Hey Kev, when was WWI?" "Hey Kev, why are you so cute?"

I think that last question is the only one he doesn't have an answer to. But still, the man is pretty dang smart. Kev knows all sorts of stuff about music and real estate and cars and history and computers and photography and investing and politics and so much more. He likes to have discussions and he has his very own opinion!!

I've always been amazed at Kev coming into my life, but as I reflect on the relationships of some of my friends, I realize how truly blessed I am. He is a wonderful match for me. He balances me. He's so calm and patient and I need to be mellowed out so it's such a complement to my character. I'm not only lucky because he's so cute, but because he has so much going on upstairs. And you know what? He's not at all intimidated by other smart people. He doesn't need to have debates to prove his intellect; he's just content to be himself. I love love looooove him.

My apologies to those who don't care a camel's spit about my adoration for Kev :) He's just so gosh darn great that sometimes I need to tell the world (or the 10 people who read this blog).

Kev- you're great. I love you.

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  1. you guys are so cute!! if you ever come down to provo again let me know! we could all do something! :]


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