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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Oink Sandwich

I got this recipe off another wonderful blog that I read quite often. It is dee-lish. Only, I forgot about pounding the chicken breasts flat so they'd cook more evenly. Nonetheless, it turned out just fine. I highly recommend it because 1) it is delicious and 2) it is super easy. You can check out the link or just follow my summarized recipe at the end of this post. If the pictures don't convince you to give it a whirl, then I dunno what else could possibly do it. Maybe the smell that is floating around my building right now would do the trick.

Just use as much bacon as you want for the number of sandwiches you're making. Same goes for the number of chicken breasts.

Fry up the peppered bacon in an unheated pan over medium heat. Allow it to dry on paper towels while you fry up your chicken in the same pan (drain the grease first!). I added some Mrs. Dash all-purpose seasoning to my chicken, but you can use whatever is your favorite.

Cook the chicken about 4-6 minutes on each side, then add your cheese of choice to the top. Put your lid on and allow the chicken to finish up while the cheese melts. I used mild cheddar for Kev, and pepper jack for me.

When the cheese was nearly melted all the way through, I popped the bacon on top to allow it to reheat and stick to the cheese.

We enjoyed our sandwiches on lightly-toasted wheat bread, but you can use your bread/roll of choice. Also, it's great with a super light spread of Miracle Whip. I bet mustard would be good too; I think that's what the original recipe suggests.

Regardless of how you fix this up, it'll probably be one of the best sandwiches you've ever had.

It was so good. And Kev thought that chicken and bacon don't go well together. Well, he was singing a different tune after dinner tonight.

Many thanks to Pioneer Woman for sharing such awesome, easy recipes!!

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