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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Another beautiful edition of thankfulness. Fabulous.

I am so glad we had a great Holiday. Having 2 days off from work was great great great.

I am so glad we have a comfortable couch. I woke up to find Kev missing at 3:20 this morning. Found him dozing on our big armchair with an upset tummy. So I got him some meds and crashed across the room on our couch. With Maddie sleeping on my stomach. Snoring. I am so glad we have a comfortable couch.

I am so glad my mom saved 4 years' worth of emails, put them in a binder and gave them to me for Christmas. Those emails chronicle my first four years of college and right up to my marriage. I read through the whole binder in ONE day. It was hilarious. I had some pretty freaky roommates.

I am so glad we have Maddie.

She's just too cute for words.

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