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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Waterfall Canyon

Two years ago this month, Kev and I got engaged. We were sitting around at his house one fine day at the end of the month, with nothing much to do. So we decided to hike Waterfall Canyon, which is actually where we met on a hike in the summer. When we finally got to the top, frosty and out of breath, this is what we got to see:

It is such a huge and beautiful waterfall, whether in sunshine or snow.

And thankfully, there were some other hikers up there who offered to take our picture so we didn't just have one of us standing in front of the ice wall all by our lonesome.

Even though my nose was runny and Kev had a cold and I wasn't wearing any make-up, Kev asked me if I'd marry him and have his babies. Yes, he really did ask me that. Or he said something like "Let's get married because I want to have babies with you..." Precious.

The walk down is always easier than the hike up, and honestly, this time I just couldn't stop laughing. I couldn't believe we were actually engaged, after only 6 months of dating. What?! That's crazy. But we were engaged for 6 more months after that. I still marvel at how slow those 6 months were, compared to the three sets of 6 months we've been married. It's flying by now!!

Despite the fact that I complained most of the way up during our snowy hike, I still enjoyed myself. Kev is a great buddy, even when you're freezing and wearing shoes without treads on icy rocks.

Y'know what else is great about Kev? He let me pick out my own ring. And then he didn't care that I didn't buy him a ring until after we were married. And he didn't care that it was $10 from China Town in San Fran.

He's sweet like that.

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