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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wacky Wednesday





It is the day after Christmas and I am working from 8-4:30. Why? I dunno. Just 'cause. Thankfully my girl Whitney came into work today too. She works in the same office with me but for a different department. She's a riot. Here's a story she just told me:

"Imagine you're at Wal-Mart on a snowy night, looking for a parking place. All of a sudden you see three kids running through the parking lot. One of them totally turfs it and eats snow. The next kid jumps over the first and just keeps running to the car. The third kid stumbles over the first but doesn't fall. Wouldn't you just laugh so hard?"

At this point, I'm like oh yeah I totally would be. So Whit just looks at me straight-faced and says: "I was the first kid."

It gets better- the third kid was her little brother and he was carrying a microwave.


So I'm not really bored. I'm just tired of being here.

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