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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And So It Goes

Last night as I was dropping Kev off at his friend's to climb (yes, they built a climbing wall inside Jon's house) he noticed a house for sale on Harrison. All I said in reply is that it seems like every house is for sale, but we can't afford any of them.

Kev said he thinks it'll be great when a million years from now we look back on this time in our lives and think it's funny that we couldn't even imagine affording a $100,000 house.

I sure hope so.

The houses we're looking at right now are straight-up ghetto. But cute. That doesn't really make sense, but to me it does. It's not that they're in horrible neighborhoods. Some of them are just below Harrison Blvd (the unofficial divider between acceptable and unacceptable to some people). And the insides of these quaint little homes are updated and fabulous. Seriously, look:

No dishwasher, ok... I can handle that for a while longer I suppose. And it's a little bare, but it's newly remodeled and clean!!

Just keep looking with me:

They're cute and really perfect for a first home. Really. Any advice on how to miraculously earn a few thousand dollars extra in 4 months? 'Cause I really want to buy a house when my free-apartment-job expires in May.

We've been going over the numbers and hypothetical mortgage payments and they seem really doable. It would make more sense to pay $600-$800/month for a mortgage than to pay about the same for a rental. Doesn't it? I think so. If we're going to be investing that much money whether we rent or buy, it just makes more sense to me to buy.

I'll be informally interviewed for a new position at work sometime in the next month. This development will determine how much we'll really be able to spend on housing this spring. Scary. No pressure or anything, right? Ha. Pray for me.

Mainly, I just crave a house that has heat. And consistent hot water (water that isn't yellow would be fabulous too). And my own mailbox. And a driveway. And a yard for the pooch. And windows that open. And no students outside my door who stare at me at 6:30 in the morning when I take the dog out for her morning wee. And real lighting (humming florescent lights make me crazy).

These things aren't too much to ask. They seem quite realistic, no? I have enjoyed living on campus and working for WSU Housing for the last 4 years, but I'm ready to grow up a bit more. I've sacrificed a lot the last couple of months to begin repaying student loans, and I think I'm ready to sacrifice some more to begin paying a mortgage. Hahahahaha. No, seriously.

Besides, my sister gave me a $40 gift card to DSW so I can still buy one more pair of shoes without guilt. Thank you Sophia, you're a life-saver.


  1. Owning a home is smarter than renting, hands down. When you end up selling, you make back all the money you spent living there so it's still like free rent. The living space in my first house was smaller than a one bedroom apartment, and it was a long commute to everything, but it was an important start. I love the fireplace in that little house of "yours." Find something you can get into a.s.a.p. even if it's inconvenient.

  2. do it! get a house! that one is cute. its not like you guys need a mansion right now anyways. and yeah i hate finances. we're just trying to even figure out what we can afford for apts and stuff. blah. and we reeeeally want a cat but most byu-approved places they arent allowed. :[ im very jealous of you having maddie i must admit. anyways...good luck! it seems like everyone i know is buying now--so do it before the prices get too crazy! haha.


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