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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Crafty Krista

In November of 2004, my very good friend Krista Bradford passed away. She was a super sweet, hilarious, crafty girl. And when I say crafty, I mean the girl could take an amazing picture and then amazingly scrap book it. I received more handmade cards from Krista than ever before in my life.

I was playing with Maddie today and found myself sitting next to a shelf that has an old photo album from 1999. In it I also have loads of plastic sleeves that hold random things from some of my college years (2002-2004ish). In some of those sleeves are a bunch of the cards Krista made me during the short time we knew each other.

Some of them didn't scan into my computer very well, but for now it'll have to do. I just wanted to share her craftiness with others, so I'm posting them here.

It brought back a lot of great memories, and I wish I had more of them that included Krista. After she passed away, her mom came to the dorms and cleaned out her room, taking with her the hundreds of photos that lined Krista's walls. I wish I could have taken some of them, since they showed all the great fun we had together. I know the pictures probably meant a lot to Krista's mom, but they meant a lot to me too.

But I digress. The cards:

Krista died the day before Thanksgiving, and on her desk the police found a number of cards with the names of her friends on them. I didn't get mine for ages after the investigation. I met with Krista's mom and she gave it to me at that time. It had already been opened, because the police had read all the cards looking for information about Krista's death. All my card said was that Krista was grateful for my friendship. It was one of two cards she'd ever given me that wasn't handmade.

I really miss Krista, and her cards. And all of her picture-taking. One day she told me I was in 118 of the photos on her walls. Awesome.

Thanks Krista.


  1. The cards are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

    When I was 18 my best friend was killed by a drunk driver when she was on her way back to college after the Christmas break. I count myself lucky for having known her.

  2. Hi again. I've been enjoying your blog so much I hope you don't mind that I've tagged you. Check out my latest post.


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