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Friday, January 04, 2008

Flash Back Friday

Hee hee.

I once had a roommate named Mandi. She is still my friend.

When we were roommates, her sister Dusty got married. A tradition in their family is to give newly-weds cookbooks full of family recipes. Mandi is quite a nifty little designer of pretty things (she is one of those Interior Design majors I mentioned earlier), so she was in charge of compiling the recipes into a super cute book.

She asked me to draw one of my silly cartoons for the cookbook cover. So I did.

Pictured above is Dan, Dusty's extremely outdoorsy husband. As you can see, Dusty is so very happy about cooking his fish. I think this happens in real life too. Especially since for about a year Dusty and Dan lived in Alaska after they first got married. I hear there's lot of good fishin' up there.

I used to get extremely bored at work and draw these kinds of pictures using "paint" on the computer. Then I would email them to my friends to make them laugh.

Good times.

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