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Friday, January 11, 2008

Flash Back Friday

Yippy! Embarrassing photo!!

This is from my 14th birthday. Home-girl Ashley (on the right) is still one of my nearest and dearest buds. I love her even after all the crazy stuff we've done and been through. Even though we're so different than we were when we were 14, we still get along. The texts I get from Ash are hilarious, and when we get together for shopping, talking, eating, whatever... I always have a blast.

Ash and I have spent more time as friends in separate time zones than we have living in the same. When I moved back from Maine for college in Utah, she went to BYU-Hawaii. Now we both finally live in Utah at the same time, but she's getting her Master's at the U while I'm stuck up here in Ogden. Makes it hard to get together. Sad. But hanging out with Ash is always worth the wait. We laugh so much. Thanks Ash.

When I moved back to Maine after Jr. High (where I met Ash in the first place) I got loads of letters from my sweet friends during our High School years apart. My freshman year of college I took an art class that required a semester-long project: a visual journal. So I cut some of the neat stamps off my letters and put them on a random backdrop for one entry. Pretty. I used to be so artsy. Now I'm too lazy.

In addition to the entry above, I came across another one I like a lot. It's part of an article from my college newspaper.

This visual journal came right on the tails of two others I made in High School. The first was in an old encyclopedia that my Canadian exchange teacher (go Canada!!) instructed us to mutilate with various forms of art. She was a crazy fun artsy teacher.

My friend Josie (happy birthday this week!!) back in HS loved that encyclopedia so much that we decided to make one together. We never officially finished, but looking through it today brings back so many memories of late nights putting stickers on note-book pages and ripping pics out of magazines.

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